Beyond Retail

Sunday, April 09, 2006

No Black Allowed

A story in the Boston Herald recently questioned why Abercrombie & Fitch fails to carry any items in their store in black.

Quite frankly, who came up with this story? (and it's not an AP story, which would be a bit more credible if they published something similar). Anyone could probably figure that they want to carry more colorful material in their stores that is more apt to attract the buyer. But really, does anyone care whether they carry that color or not? Would you go into a store with the intent to buy solely a black shirt?

Luckily, the article redeems itself to show the somewhat airheaded managers of Abercrombie stores across the state.
  • At Northshore Mall, Peabody: “I don’t know why, I just know we don’t sell anything black.”
  • At Solomon Pond Mall, Marlborough: "It's just a company thing."
  • At South Shore Plaza, Braintree: “I have no idea, I don’t make those decisions.”

Perhaps the author of the article should visit White House/Black Market. I hear 50% of their inventory is in the color she's looking for.