Beyond Retail

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Celebrating the Lowe's Approval

I've been thinking, and you know what would be really cool to celebrate the new Lowe's?

An implosion of the Verizon building.

I'm sure that you've seen video of the implosions from Las Vegas, and the like, and there's a whole ton of them online at But wouldn't it be cool to have one of them in our own backyard. The old Wonder Bread plant would have made a great victim, but the old NYNEX / Bell Atlantic / Verizon building is our last hope to see something really cool. I mean, who would really care to watch the Kohl's store be imploded someday.

In an implosion, the building's supports are blown up, making the upper floors of the building fall onto the lower floors. Seeing that the Verizon building is only two floors does make for a rather lame implosion, but it's the best that we'll see. They could close the North/South Connector Rd. for a few hours to clean up the debris if necessary, but the implosion could be designed so that the building basically falls onto the old parking lot.

Sure, it's some very wishful thinking, but wouldn't it really make for a big bang that would get people all around MetroWest aware that Lowe's is coming? It's a pretty good PR move, and you could very likely get live coverage on the local news stations, and definately a story or two.

Maybe I'll send this thread to them. In my opinion, it's a pretty cool idea.