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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

When was the mall built?

From, the website of ADD, Inc. (one of the Nouvelle architects)

PHILADELPHIA, PA (16 April 2007) - Tamara M. Roy, AIA, presented the design and planning behind ADD Inc's new 215-unit residential project, Nouvelle, at the American Planning Association's annual conference in an exhibit session, "New Communities, Revitalization and Redevelopment".
In her talk about "What Women Want", Ms. Roy discussed how female preferences have influenced the urban, architectural, graphic, and landscape design of Nouvelle, which is attached to the Natick Mall (now called 'The Natick Collection'). The 20-year old New England Mall is undergoing a metamorphosis, adding housing and 1.5 acres of roof gardens, underground parking and an outdoor Main Street.
Nouvelle is attracting attention as an innovative, smart-growth housing prototype that provides shopping, eating, and socializing within walking distance, a rarity in many suburbs.

Wait, what was that age again?

The 20-year old New England Mall

The mall first opened in 1966 (41 years ago). It was demolished and rebuilt in 1994 (13 years ago). Where the 20 comes from is anyone's guess.


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